Tranquility Caye - Diary of a Caribbean Island Dream
Tranquility Caye - Diary of a Caribbean Island Dream The Dream - A Caribbean vacation turns into a private island dream The Purchase - From a private island dream to owning a tropical island in Belize The Plan - An upscale, private, romantic, all-inclusive island resort The Progress - Tranquility Caye - from a mangrove jungle to a Caribbean island paradise Pictures - More pictures of Tranquility Caye, Belize, and other excursions Links - Various Caribbean and island links we've found to be helpful in our search Contact - Island enthusiasts please contact us.
The Progress - Tranquility Caye - from a mangrove jungle to a Caribbean island paradise
Tranquility Caye - from a mangrove jungle to a Caribbean island paradise
July 2007
We finally have all the permits needed to clear and dredge the island. This process has taken a very long time but it's mostly our fault. Our business with Caribbean Island Brokers has kept us very busy and most of the time when we're in Belize, we're with clients and haven't had a chance to make any progress on our own island.
Recently we decided to focus on Tranquility and start making some progress. So we picked up where we left off about a year ago and finished the process of obtaining our permits. We also cleared an area for the staff housing and thinned up the mangove by pruning them up high. This helps allow the breeze through the island and makes everything much more comfortable. Our permits allow us to dredge up 16,000 yards of sand from a huge sand deposit nearby. We don't intend to build for a while but this will raise a nice area of the island and allow us to start our landscaping so by the time we do build, the palms will be more mature.
During our last visit we found one of the inhabitants of Tranquilty. A Boa Constrictor of about 4 feet long.

March 2006
While on a trip to show a client some island property we stopped by to see how the clearing is going. The answer is very slooowwwlllyyy.

The camp has been set up for the workers.Most clearing has been done in a way that leaves the larger trees to keep it shady.Some areas were cleared completely.Another view of the camp from the cleared area.KT Mike and Trish at the edge of the clearing.
An aerial view showing some smoke from the debris pilesA nice picture of the whole Tobacco RangeA close up aerial of the clearing.As you can see the clearing is being done to keep as many trees as possible.Tranquility clearing

December 2005
This trip we met with people from the Government of Belize to obtain permits for Dredging, Mangrove removal, and 2 Piers. The plan is to have a pier on each side of the island. The day after our meeting we immediately started the process of clearing sections of the island to prepare for dredging and staff housing. We started with a 400 foot circle in the center of the island everything with a trunk smaller than the workers fist was removed with a machette.

Representatives from the Government visit the island to assess the situation and get free beer!After a breif visit we leave with the Govenment people to look at the water surrounding the islandDiving to the bottom to verify that there is suitable sand to extract from the sea.After our meeting we all went to Tobacco Caye for lunch.Workers started clearing the next day with Machettes.
Piles of cut Mangrove eveywhereafter clearing there were plenty of Black Mangroves left.Looking thinner after clearing but there's still plenty of shadeEveryone leaving for the day from our newly cut boat slip

July-August 2005
The island has been surveyed to obtain an exact footprint of the island and water depths around it to help in structure and pier placement. The plans have been submitted to the Government for approval of moderate clearing and dredging. As soon as these approvals are obtained we'll begin to see dramatic changes in the landscape! We also met some good local people who have offered to help in the development. I also met several other island and resort owners in the area and look forward to learning more from them on future visits.

We started by cutting a path all the way around the island. This was done with a Machette.Though it's hard to see, this is our proposed boat slip for the western side of the island. There's a natural boat sized cut in the island here with perfect access to the land.We visited a few other islands while there to get an idea of what things will look like with moderate clearing. This was also an opportunity to take a look at islands for sale.This is a beautiful little island that I just can't seem to convince the owner to sell to me.This small resort is under construction about fifteen minutes away.

The week of Easter 2005
We used Tranquility as a great excuse for a Belizean Easter vacation. We wanted to show our family and friends the island and also lay out some plans for how to proceed with the development. During the trip we met several people who we hope will be helpful in building the resort. We spent one day in Belmopan to apply for our permits and set up future site visits with various government agencies to approve the dredging and piers we want.

Taking the family and friends out to the CayesAll of us landing on South Water CayeBo and KennedyTranquility visitIt's hard to see but we're standing around our first Coconut Palm Tree!
Showing Kennedy and Lennox the islandKennedy is a real character. I think he's smoked a little too much weed throughout his life.Haley on the boatTranquility Caye residentOn Tobacco Caye

January 2005
We closed on the purchase of the island.

Tranquility Caye is the center island in the groupA terrible picture from our charter flight over the islandSouthern tip of Tranquility CayeNorthern tip of Tranquility Caye with the reef in the distanceKT Ingersoll out looking at islands for sale!

October 2004
This was our first vist to the island. We were so relieved to find nice high and dry ground. There are several large Mangroves. We spent an hour or so exploring the island and then took off to see other islands that were for sale at the time.

Tranquility Caye VegetationLanding on Tranquility CayeKT walking on Tranquility Caye for the first time!View of the island from the boatKit and Frankie our boat captains with Tranquility in the distance.

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