Tranquility Caye - Diary of a Caribbean Island Dream
Tranquility Caye - Diary of a Caribbean Island Dream The Dream - A Caribbean vacation turns into a private island dream The Purchase - From a private island dream to owning a tropical island in Belize The Plan - An upscale, private, romantic, all-inclusive island resort The Progress - Tranquility Caye - from a mangrove jungle to a Caribbean island paradise Pictures - More pictures of Tranquility Caye, Belize, and other excursions Links - Various Caribbean and island links we've found to be helpful in our search Contact - Island enthusiasts please contact us.
Pictures - More pictures of Tranquility Caye, Belize, and other excursions
More pictures of Tranquility Caye, Belize, and other excursions


Boat dock at Fiesta Americana in CozumelCozumel ShorelineKT not wanting her picture takenThe Fiesta Americana from the waterThe view from the restaurant at breakfast
The Fiesta Americana BeachThe PoolThe Dive ShopBernie with a huge puffer fishBernie and Teresa
Cameron, our nephewBrendan (Honky) Ingersoll, our nephewKevin on the dive boatMatt on the dive boatHaley on the dive boat
Walking downtownKT and Jeff


Some wannabe Rasta dudeMartin, of Second Nature Divers took this picture of me filming a school of SnappersDolphins came to visit on our Whale Shark dive. Martin, of Second Nature Divers got this shot.The kids at a Belizean Pizza placeBo and Chris Smith
Kevin and Matt at the Pizza Place in Hopkins VillageFine accommodations in Hopkins VillageMatt climbing a Coconut TreeBo climbing a Coconut TreeHaley is upset about the poor turnout of Pedro voters
On the beach of South Water CayeKennedy on the beach of South Water CayeSouth Water CayeThe kids in a jungle streamTobacco Caye
Lennox, our boat Captain for the day.Tobacco CayeKT and Doug Ingersoll at the Pizza placeHaley and JessicaIn Belize anyone can sell real estate, or meat, or gas, or drinks...
Kevin and HaleyA roadside casket shopJessica SmithRas Dingo, StallionSouth Water Caye
Me and BoChris, Haley, and KTMatt getting his hair braided.Haley fishing?Haley reeling in the big one
No Stealing!The big fishThe little airplane from Dangriga to San PedroThe Kennedy Ras Dingo houseRas Dingo, Stallion
Nicki the Coati with BoDowntown San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize

Petite St. Vincent

Sunset at PSVThe dockThis is one of the little cars they have made to get around on PSVIt was the dry seasonThis picture was taken from the top of Carriacou looking at PSV in the distance on the left with Petite Martinique in the foreground on the right.
One of our favorite places to hang out on the beachMy eyes get a little red after drinking a few One of the cabanas we have stayed in.The barThe garden and maintenance yard
All of this is hidden behind a wall and vegetation.A view of the main bar and dining room from the boatThe beach palapas on the western shore of PSVLots of beautiful sailboats come to visit PSVThe paths near the tennis court
Looking east from the hillLooking south eastSouth east with the owners home in the viewThe walk to the beach on the eastern sideLooking south along the paths


Bouma FallsEarly morning on TaveuniI took this picture right as a gecko jumped onto Haley, needless to say she freaked out.Haley in the 90 degree water Matt with his big fish
Matt catching the big fishDancing with FijiansHaley sitting in the middle of some performers with a little Fijian girl that had never touched blond hair. Haley loved the attention... for a while. Kevin and Matt with their fishThe kids waiting at the Taveuni airfield
The dining room at Rainbow Reef ResortThe beach at Rainbow Reef ResortOur BureRainbow Reef ResortOur bure
The grounds at Rainbow Reef ResortThe view from inside our bureThe outdoor showerThe vanityThe bed
We caught huge fish that day.This beach near Rainbow Reef Resort is where we took our surface intervals. There were several lots for sale here.Some of the lots had these huge Banyan trees on themOur BureAfter a terrific stay, these people really try to jerk the tears out of you on the goodbye.


A seasoned traveler and her puzzle bookHaley at Tunnels beachHaley and Grandpa at Tunnels BeachA puzzlebook is not needed for Kevin to entertain himself

Tranquility Caye

Approaching TranquilityApproaching TranquilityThis is currently the only place to land the boatOn TranquilityThe first family visit to the island
A huge termite nestBo and ChrisThere is a tiny little Coconut tree in front of us. Can you see it?Tobacco Range aerial with Tranquility in the middleTranquility aerial looking east with the 2nd largest barrier reef in the world out in the distance
Tranquility aerial looking westThis is the cut between Tranquility and the neighboring island to the southComing around the north end of TranquilityA part of the island on the eastern sideTranquility on the right with the neighboring island to the north with some buildings on it.
Same shot just a little closerThe neighboring island has been cleared with a beach area.The mangrove hold a lot of baby fish and keep the sand on the CayesTobacco Caye in the distanceRight now most of the island is thick jungle
Some areas of the island have Sea Grass in the waterInterior of Tranquility CayeInterior of Tranquility CayeThe boat landing areaThere are quite a few of these mangrove outcroppings in the water around the island and are actually considered part of it
Mangrove outcroppingLots of huge starfish live in the areaInterior of TranquilityWe fished our way from island to islandFloating the boat to the landing spot
KT walking the islandMore island walkingTranquility from the boatThe plan for Tranquility Caye

Other Islands for Sale

We put some real thought into purchasing these 2 islands together. They were unnamed so we dubbed them Barefoot and Barenay Cay.These islands were just too far out for our plans. They were also smaller at 2 and 7 acres.The smaller of the two had some very nice high ground and a lot of birds.The water around these islands is very deep and beautiful Lots of big fish.The larger of the two islands was real swampy. This was early in the morning at high tide.
Harvest Caye is a 90 acre island with lots of palms and plenty of high ground.KT and Billy trying to catch up while I walked the islandKT walking the Harvest Caye beachSome huge lizards live on this islandHarvest has a couple large lagoons in the center that we thought would make terrific harbors if they were dredged out.
The water around Harvest has a green tint to it that I did not care for.One of Harvests beaches from the waterA hurricane hit the area several years ago and there are still some remnants showing.Harvest Caye BeachInterior of Harvest Caye


Doug & KT Ingersoll at a little beachside restaurant in Cabo Pulmo after a great day of divingThe town of Cabo PulmoI always liked that yellow bathing suitCabo from the waterThe Arch at Cabo San Lucas
The town of Cabo PulmoCabo Pulmo BeachOne of the houses on the beach at Cabo Pulmo

Cozumel and Hurricane Emily

Fiesta Americana pool and palapa just hours before Hurrican EmilyFiesta Americana pool and palapa after Hurricane EmilyFiesta Americana pool and palapa after Hurrricane EmilyThe entire hurricane weary gang at the airport and ready to go homeDinner with the family in Cozumel
Someday somewhere someone will search google images for the name Another gem forever immortalized in Google Images as Terry Murray. A man who doesn't even own a computer! I have such a beautiful wife and daughterThe Cruise ship portTerry and George doing some topless sunbathing
The Bauers, Strucks, and Murray on the east side of Cozumelsign blown over during Hurricane EmilyOur personal family hurricane bunkers rooms 301 and 302Damage to Fiesta Americana's dock by Hurricane EmilyA big mess

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